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Back in 1995, or 1996, [livejournal.com profile] kyronfive & I were talking (I think it was at her apartment) and she was skooling me on what's good and what's bad in the World According to Industrial Music. Front Line Assembly eventually comes up, and one thing always said to me that stuck is that every time you listen to an FLA track, there's a good chance you hear a different sound you didn't the previous spin, every time. Sure enough, I listened to "Neologic Spasm" about 30 times one night, and confirmed this. (this was during the Tactical Neural implant/Millenium/Circuitry(? I'm not 100% at the moment) era, so I'll let y'all judge if that applies on later works.)

Cut to 2008: I'm working out and "the blade" comes on my iPhone, and suddenly, I swear I noticed a different synth texture if never heard before. And I'm positive it was the music, & not some extraneous gym noise.

I just found that to be a mini "wow, cool!" moment for me.

If you haven't heard it before, or it's been a while since you last bumped that, give it a spin now. If you do t have it, I'm sure there's something on Ytube with the song. Take a moment. You deserve it. ;)

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Oh, blessed fucking be the damn insomnia that's kept me up for the last hour and a half!!!

Anywho..[livejournal.com profile] unseelie sent me this...a video on new features in Melodyne's software.

Basically, (according to the demo) it will allow you to take several notes within a chord of an instrument, and, well, move them around, in various chord/appregiated patterns, or independently as well as timing adjustments.

It looks really cool, but the demo seems to show it off it's manipulation of one instruments chord. I wonder when it becomes available in the fall, can I take a orchestra, and re-arrange the key and rhythm of various sections..or individual instruments within those sections.

I'm sure now emoPopPunk bands will sound even more in key and in time than ever before. Yee haw.
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I first saw a performance of John Cage's 4'33" in the Roy O. Disney auditorium in 1993. Then again in the late 90's at SFSU.

I think it's really only good the 1st time, and when I went to CSSSA (now called Innerspark), it was the perfect setting for any artist of any media to get submersed into all sorts of creative ideas. I didn't find it so hot the 2nd time I saw it.

Anyway, now you can experience this compositional experience on your mobile.

Feel free to draw your own conclusions.
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Can any of you hear this frequency?

I wonder how many people are going to buy it as a ringtone.
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So, after an event that kept me awake until 05:30a (I only got 3 hours sleep the night before, and then a pirate party the next day, Sunday, [livejournal.com profile] chicafangs & I went a-wine-ing in Napa. We visited Peju and Rubicon. Peju had a lot of nude goddess statues , specifically Greek gods dealing with harvesting (hmm.. wonder why...) Their Syrah was the only good wine there IMO, but I like reds with a spicy kick. They do have a nice tasty blend called "Provence", which is a mix of reds and whites, and served chilled, again, not my style, normally.

If you're a fan of Bram Stoker's Dracula, Tucker, or the Godfather, upstairs in the Rubicon estate one will find Brando's Desk from the movie, costumes from the movie Dracula (Dracula's red armor), and one pristine Tucker automobile. And the wine's not bad, none of it is the Coppola Red/Blue/whatever line of wine that you can find in Safeway or at restaurant in North Beach or Palo Alto.

Oh yeah, earlier in the day, I got one of these things. Me Happy.
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Sony is hoping to wire your body for sound. No, really.
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When converting any file format to mono-onlyand frequency-specific codecs such as amr_nb, remember to specify this in ffmpeg with the flags "-ar 8000" & "-ac 1"
Because even though the code specifies these things already, one cannot assume the program will just "get it".

Grrrr. Frustrations from earlier in the day. Carry on.

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