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I couldn't help but hum that tune a few times here.

So, 1st night here, and [livejournal.com profile] chicafangs & I crashed out pretty
hard until 8pm, we then went to a Thai restaurant. Pretty fancy
place; outdoors et al by the side of an expressway. The food was
fucking delicious, and pretty.
IMG_0138.jpgIMG_0136.jpg[livejournal.com profile] chicafangs

The bill ended up being something like 700 Bhat, which over here is pretty up on the scale, like the price of a semi-nice sit-down in SF. Figuring out what to do next, I did a search for bangkok night clubs on the iPhone (calls, sms, and data work, although I tend to keep the data stuff off..wonder what the roaming per kb is out here.) Chica pointed out that we don't know where we are, so we really can't get lost. That said, I picked a spot from my search. Wrote the address, and told the cab to take us there.

We ended up away from "Siam" - downtown center, but we were in another part of town with street-cart food vendors, open bars, and girls, girls, girls of the night. The scare of AIDS hasn't scared the Aussies, Kiwis, Scots, Americans, and Brits here. We wandered around, and went to a 24/7 market, getting some soap and salted Mangos (it's a Latin/Asian/Tropical thing, don't know if you'd understand ;) ) <lj user="chicafangs"> went batshit gaga over all the facial and body goods that not only protect you from the sun, but also whiten your skin. Here, pale goth whiteness is observed as beauty, and the locals make fun of the tourists trying to get a bronze tan out here. She feels quite at home with the products, and will probably be shipping some skin some sking-whitening booty on our way back.

Me; I bought a bottle of Cuban Rum. Tastes goooood :)


Later, we found ourselves at a bar/strip club bazaar, watching Italy vs. Scotland Footbal. It was a tie, and thereby they won't probably make it to the Big Show™ in 2010. Many-a-Scots were drinking and working the honeys. (Of course, the women were hustling them.) We would have gone into the strip clubs, but we fault it would be hard to keep a third eye on our surroundings with our groceries in tow. We'll go later. ;)


After getting plowed, and eating some street-vendor chicken satay @ 10 Bhat/stick (quite filling, I could eat those for the rest of the trip), we wandered into a middle eastern alley of town. We stopped in a cafe, and I had some mint hooka tobacco love. Mmm. (Yes, I smoked. And I'll probably smoke a cuban or 2 while I'm here) The mint was qutie refreshing, and it didn't burn my throat like hooka-smoking does in the US..wonder if it's charcoals that burn stateside vs. the charcoal here.

So, we're back in our room, we're going to do a few shots, to put ourselves down for the night.

I'm having a lot of fun. I feel very safe here, and it's quite easy to get around.

One more thing. While in Taipei, I was blown away how nice the Airport is, It kicks most US airports' ass! It had a Tranquility lounge with free leather recliner chairs/massagers (the ones that cost $3500 from Brookstone) We got fresh Dim-Sum in the terminal, and our boarding gate got vomited on by the Hello Kitty guerilla force.



Till next post. :)

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