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This rarely happens: I have a dream, wake up, remember it, and write it down.

First time for everything, I suppose.

The scene was set during a period-esque looking time...1500's. There's a woman, looking like Cate Blanchett (That's my mind putting a face to the period I suppose), coughing and vomiting, and wearing this device that was like a poofy spiked collar. THe spikes, however, were on the inside. Her husband was close, and he had put to sentinels with her at all times, and were only instructed to remove the collar on his command. After staring at the scene for a moment, he motioned to one of them to remove the device.

As she turns and stabs the one guard and kicks the other, it becomes apparent that she made herself appear in distress. She runs up to her husband, grab what looks like a dagger, but instead of a sharp blade, it consists of a smooth, round piece. Sort of like a turkey temperature gauge, or a sounding tool.

She grabs him, gets behind him, with the dagger on his throat and they walk out of the building.

In the forest, before he speaks, she stabs him in the right upper lobe. His head...shatters. It shatters like a big brick of chocolate fudge that just got blown up with and M-80. There are chunks of his head all over. No bleeding, not skull collapse, no brain matter ejecting in an omnidirectional spew...just chunks.

I then see her on ground, crying and laughing, as the "camera" tracks to the right, with more of these chunks on the floor, consisting of his body, which she continues to break into pieces.

Then I wake up.

Wha...what the fuck people?? Can anyone jump in here and help interpret?!? Thanks.

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