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I couldn't sleep due to this annoying 2 month old cough, so I got up 4am and watched some boob toob-age. It consisted of a combination of Shawn of the Dead and this Documentary about 3 people in their final days and the Hospice care they received. There was a sick 8 year old child who passed away from illness complicaitons, among others.

Put me in a weird mood today.
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I worked 13 hours today so I could take the next few days off to go do soak here. I need it, and I'm, pretty sure [livejournal.com profile] chicafangs needs it too.

It's just amusing; being up late constantly, wearing 10 hats at once, that's fine, even the 12 hour days are ok, in the end. It's just ending up going to 7-11 as a dinner stop. I need to make sure that doesn't become a regular habit. No good can come from that.

They upped my pay. Still not liveable, but better, and I get a stock compensation for my first 3 months, and every months hereafter. Could be worth something, could be worth nothing, it's just soooo 1999, isn't it? :)

Oh well, I feel hopeful since it isn't happening during the boom. Maybe I'll be able to Kaneda's bike & one of these, too. (I'm trying to think positive here.)

Done w/ beer..I think I'll try to plonk now.
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I worked 13 hours. I'm up late. By the time I got to where I needed to go, all I could get for dinner @ 2am was a Burrito and a beer (last one of the night @ 7-11)

I decided to post up some pictures here for your enjoyment. It's from the hunger. it's also my first upload to pics.lj.

So enjoy! :) I think I'm getting tired now....

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