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Hi, I know. Been forever. If some of the links don't work...googlize it and figure it out ;) especially number 3.

1. INXS - Kick - 1st CD I bought..1st rock CD..I was in the CD years of music so you vinyl purists hush! I think deep inside I felt I could croon like Michael Hutchence..that and I thought he was quite pretty and if I could be half as pretty as him girls would like me...ya.

2. Run DMC - Raising Hell - Among other things, they revived the careers of this little known band from the 70's called Aerosmith. that and it laid down the future that would be in 2 extremes: Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit. For better or worse, we're still feeling the impact of this record.

3. Ofra Haza - Im Nin'alu - Ok, that's just a song, but this song IMO introduced the Mod Rock fans (thanks to a then cool Live 105) to music from the middle east and is still heavily sampled today: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Im_Nin'Alu Enigma came soon after, and if it wasn't for her, you'd never hear middle east motifs as much as you do now.

4. Tori Amos - Under the Pink - It's always been hard for me to stop and listen to a songwriter's lyrics. Tori made me stop and listen. I still listen again and again if I feel like looking back at some rather darker days.

5. The Crow: Orginal Movie Score - This was the first score I found very imaginative and different, not the same John Williams sounding stuff. I learned to appreciate odd soundscapes and look for the sounds behind the sounds. I got into Neubauten after that. He's done a bunch of soundtracks, some good (Suicide Kings) and some WTF (Might Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie)

6. Pink Floyd - Animals - Why should a rock song only be 3 minutes? Why not 11? each one? on the entire album?

7. negativeland - escape from noise - i have no words. Go listen to some tracks. http://www.negativland.com/?opt=mailorder&item=63&type=1 Weird is good.

8. Metallica - Master of Puppets - If you played guitar and loved metal, you had your record that was the definitive Metallica record or song. Mine was Blackened and Orion.

9. Primus - Sailing The Seas of Cheese - I always enjoyed seeing people try to do renditions of "is it luck?" or "eleven". Hell, I've seen people make their hands bleed try to play as fast as Les.

10. Pearl Jam - Vs. - There were a lot great songs on this album. They rocked hard, folked folkely, and it was just raw. However, few people noticed, because they cancelled their tour after one two weeks (i got to see them in San Jose before they cancelled the rest of the tour), declared war on ticketmaster, and took on the concert and music industry on various fronts. A few years later, Vitaology came out and I swear it seems like that album got played out every day for 5 years. Pearl Jam is still around, puts on big tours, but books through ticketmaster and promos through Target recently...so was the battle a draw?

11. Nusrat Fateh Ali Kahn - Shahen Shah - This was the first bit of spiritual music where I actually felt something inside me move. The voice is just that hypnotic.

12. David Bowie - 1. Outside - Everybody lays claim that this Bowie album or that is the one that matters. well, this one is mine.

13. Front Line Assembly - Millennium - My friend Sharon is the one responsible for exposing me to a lot of cool industrial music. I learned to listen beyond the distortion and find the complex layers that made up each track. "Liquid Separation" for one. That, and Vigilante is good tune to stomp to ;)

14. Joe Satriani - Flying in a blue dream - he was always one of these super-shredders who could still slow down and play just the right amount of notes too. He doesn't have to play fast, but when he does, it's a sight.

15. Beastie Boys - Hello Nasty - While They showed everyone how the could cut beats up like no one's business on Paul's Boutique, this record, in my opinion, showed a refined blend of their sample acumen and instrumentation abilities. Part of me keeps hoping people in hip-hop would rip off Beastie Boys styles, but that never seems to happen. I guess that will keep whatever they do their own style,.

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[livejournal.com profile] sami406 had this up. I thought it was great. Wonder what Roger and Pete think?

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I guess today's phrase is "Go-Bama! Go! Go!" I'd love to have that go off while I'm inside some shop somewhere in Bakersfield.

In other news...I hope all of you (who care) are (about to be) having a good Solstice. To celebrate, I'll be enveloping myself with a barrage of chosen noise, harsh melodies, and rhythms that will drum into my core being a feeling of pain, joy, contemplation, and release.

So..who else is going to Skinny Puppy tonight? :)
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Bar none, cheesiest lyrics I've ever heard. Good electronic boom boom, though, but corniest lyrics EVER. And I hardly ever pay attention to those words coming out out of Cookie Monster's mouf!

It's the 1st track of the 10/30/06 show..

Mine Verk!

Jun. 21st, 2006 11:53 am
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Belgian/Dutch? In Europe? Spare a few Euros?

Try these on your phone.

Nice to see the stuff launch so soon.
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Chording out a E7add9 is a pain in the ass on the keyboard.

Now I know why I hear it more out of guitars than pianos.

Ow. My. hand. Hurts.
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Wha? Yeah yeah.

Well, it's the dixie chick's 1st single off their new album. If you go to their website, it automatically plays, so turn down your speakers if you don't want to blast it at work.

Nice to see them not letting the neo-cons bash them, and the writers of their death threats off the hook.

On an unrealted note, it's nice to see bands releasing their 1st single, for free, essentially. Pearl Jam did the same thing, but actually allowed you to download a free and clear mp3 for a few days. that's the way to do it.

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