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I found this little app today. It's a plug-in to Mail.app that gives you a preview of messages in your queue without having to view it in the app itself. You can mark it as read, click to go to the app to respond, or delete it.

SImple, clean, nice. I used to be really into checking out shareware/freeware all the time. Now, not so much.

In other news, I had some really awful dreams last night. They weren't totally awful, just..I don't know how the fuck I came up with it.

I'm leaving hints for myself to go into it later.

Last fuel, power, and ship in humainty
Sub-atomic nations and worlds living in harmony, then abandon.
Tapping into our own electrics to keep searching.

Yeah, I can remember the rest later..I think.

I woke up feeling like someone beat the shit out of me today. I feel really blarg right now.
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if anyone needs help in finding someone to Black/White Box test their appz to see if they can crash an entire g5 (where you get the transparent Black screen and are told in English and Japanese to restart by holding down the power button), call me. I've done it 3 times today.
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New Mac ads.

I like the Networking one (ok, she's cute) but the rest..eh, don't really do it for me. But it really shoudn't, I'm not the market.

However, methinks me, [livejournal.com profile] ugg_the_wandere, and a few other OS X users ought to remake the "Restarting" commercial. I think we know how to crash these motherfuckers. :)
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I just discovered that if I hit (on my tiBook) "Cmnd + ~", I can toggle between pages within an application.

Man, I feel dumb now.
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I was upgrading to 10.4 w/ a disc.

I needed 10.3

So, I got 10.3

Now I got 10.4

It only took me, oh, 4 hours.

Done! :)

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