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Yet another popular band to end up here. (I think bad Religion and other Epitaph artists are on there.I wonder if more bands are going to offer b-sides in such "free-and-clear" avenues. Decent song by them, too.
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I've just built a couple names out a few other files, and apostrophized a few of them.

Time-consuming, but I really enjoy it.

Scary though.

I've been checking out Podcasts for various reasons. I've notice so far only the obvious.

1. Content is king. Shit is shit, no matter how hard you try to polish it down.If you're content sucks, fuggetaboutit. A sense of delivery doesn't hurt, either. You don't have to sound like SUPER RADIO VOICE YEAH!!!! But, you don't have sound like a college radio intern.

2. Performance counts. The pros have an advantage, they know how to have presence and delivery to an audience in order to keep on captivated, especially these days, with GPU-intesive FPS, WoW, TiVo, it takes a lot to keep someone's attention with just your 2 audio receptacles on your head. However, look at rule 1; a lot of pros have nothing to say, so it gets boring fast. Adam Curry does a decent job. I'll probably listen to him for while. However, I've found some amateurs that do a good job, too. They got somethign to say, so I listen. Many are even beginning to realize the importance of good gear. You can hear the show improve fromt he 1st episode on up. Yes, that's a segue to....

3. Gear. Gear. Gear. Get. A. Good. Mic. Get. A. Good. Preamp. This is where it counts. Speak at the mic, not on top of it, and try not to breath like hound all over it. And get a popper stopper, or make one out of a wire hanger and pantyhose. Spend money on the mic, then a decent mixer or preamp. After that, just get it to the cpu with a decent A/D-D/A converter.

But, all of your are way smarter than me, so I'm sure you all knew all that already, or read about it in detail somewhere on Wiki.

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