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As of today, I am now Producer (I'm actually the only one, so guess that makes me THE Producer) at Razz, Inc. ;)

Gotcha. :D


Go to the website, and you'll get a good what I work on for a living. Some of my sfx content I think is going to go live today on the mixer, and I'm working on stuff for European countries for the mobile product.

It's cra-zee all up in dis muthafucka!

Try it out. You s4vvy-f01k, if you find shit that ain't workin' right, let me know. :) Unfortunately, this only works on your own website or blog that will accept the mixer's embed code, or myspace. I have to get around to making one of those.

Yup, any day now...making me a myspace.....hum, hum-hum....

For me at least, I'm having a ball.
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I'm probably going to post one or two of these a day, so enjoy the 1st one. Keep the volume low. :)

EDIT - looks like the flash embed ain't cool w/ LJ, so here a link.

It's a web audio tech thing made by some guys I know. Check it out, have fun, Razz your friends. You can record your own audio, upload your own music or voice, as well as use some pre-canned music and sound fx. Not quite so super fancy (no multi-tracking, automation, etc.) but it's definitely the kind of thing anyone can use, especially if you have a built-in mic.

Oh, yeah, back from the playa (been back since monday), getting back into the groove, kill all hippy-dippies, etc. :)

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