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Yesterday, [profile] _firepixie_ & Mr. St. B were kind enough to invite me over to their house, and make dinner. Dinner included A lovely spinach and pinenuts (i think?) salad, sauteed veggies, and lots & lots of yummy salmon.

For the bonus-super-win-win, they supplied onto their table 2 creme brulee torches, and a metal rod. If one wanted to slightly char their sushi, they could simply lance said sushi, and fire up the torch. See examples below.

Add lots of sesame seeds to your sushi...it makes for an even yummier good time of sparkle and sizzle!

Thanks again, you two!
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[livejournal.com profile] chicafangs and I went to a new sushi place last night called Zushi Puzzle. It had good reviews, and we made a promise to one another to try one new restaurant a week. I was a little worried it would be a little to "Marina Hipster-y" and my worries were reinforced when the 1st thing I hear when I walk in is "Oh mah god!! So like....blah blah botox blah blah..."

Luckily, we were shown to sushi bar, and decided to get a cold coarse filtered Hakutsuru Sayuri sake. I think I like this better than Sho Chiku Bai Junmai Nigori. This sake is lighter but creamier-tasting. Plus, the pink bottle is kind of cute.

Everything we order..melted..just...melted in our mouths. The one order I fell in love with was the live scallops. The chef slices up the live scallops, places 6 slices on small beds of rice with razor thin slices of lemon, and served it up with a bowl of ponzu sauce. Yum. Yum. Yum.

For a bonus, the chef took the muscles and tempura'd them. Extra yum.

That, the various different kinds of Toro, flying fish, and butterfish, all of it melted in your mouth. It was one of the better sushi places I have been to in a long time. I'd like it if other people would go and try it out, too, and tell me if I'm high, or if the raw fish was really that good.

Just be careful to pace your intake, or you'll find yourself spending $50 on yourself before you know it :) (Worth it, in my opinion, but just thought I'd pass that warning along)

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