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I haven't heard this in a long time! One my co-workers hooked me up w/ some old Tribe.

Songs like that kind of defined my tastes in beats. Feels good to hear every now and again.
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So, I'm listening w/ my boss to a bunch of stuff to either go live or get rejected. I kind of felt like I was a pitch meeting, felt like some quasi-episode snippet from Studio 60, only everyone pitches audio...stuff, not sketches. There was a 20% survival rate, which was fine.

Just...was a weird moment.

BTW, the new Beatles album "Love" is great...it's...it's real clean, really imaginative, and just..wow. George Martin and his son did a great job. I was afraid someone was just going to drop dumb beatz over things and have 50 cent rap over everything. Not that at all.
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It's was cold and windy SoMA evening,

when 3 lost souls, [livejournal.com profile] darthmike, [livejournal.com profile] redshrike, & [livejournal.com profile] djfanboy, wandered into a door @ the corner of 12th and market, and climbed 2.5 long stairs, and headed to the back of what is best described as a tech-sweatshop. It was a long, cold hallway, drafty, and full of whispers of ghosts past, lamenting of all the ills against humanity they had committed during their tenure in their mortal coils.

At the end of the hall, stood a long-haried, unattractive psuedo-troubador named [livejournal.com profile] lemasquegris, who cajoled these vocal talents to utter silly, unintelligent, abhorrent staments. As the cider, beer, and diet coke flowed (guess who had the coke), things got worse. I was a bad, bad man.

Here are the results.

Happy Thanksgiving Assholes, I love you all. :)
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The quotable humor in Italian Films doesn't show up until the 3rd act.

Just an FYI.

Bonus points for god-fearing widow catholic who locks her niece up for getting hot an bothered over metaphors.

(Prize to who guesses the movie.)
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(subject is a reference to one of my co-worker`s previous projects)

I had a long weekend, but damn if I don't gloat and & say it was a frolicky good time. Thanks to everyone who came out. [livejournal.com profile] chicafangs & I had a great time, and it was honestly one of the most enjoyable birthdays I have had in ages. Only thing I regret is not being there for the eyeball incident. (But I do have evidence) Pictures up soon!

Thank you also for the gifts. We didnt' get aroudn to opening them because we were having too much fun watching people act silly on the stripper pole.

It was so much fun, it almost made up for the fact of having to take a long ass detour home @ 6:00am to deal with the closures for the marathon yesterday. Gah!

I think I'm mostly recovered now to deal with monday. Now I got to dive into Polish translation assignments. Ah, fun never ends here.
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I guess what we do is "In-call Mobile Content"

According to biz heads.


Mad shit to do today.
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As of today, I am now Producer (I'm actually the only one, so guess that makes me THE Producer) at Razz, Inc. ;)

Gotcha. :D


Go to the website, and you'll get a good what I work on for a living. Some of my sfx content I think is going to go live today on the mixer, and I'm working on stuff for European countries for the mobile product.

It's cra-zee all up in dis muthafucka!

Try it out. You s4vvy-f01k, if you find shit that ain't workin' right, let me know. :) Unfortunately, this only works on your own website or blog that will accept the mixer's embed code, or myspace. I have to get around to making one of those.

Yup, any day now...making me a myspace.....hum, hum-hum....

For me at least, I'm having a ball.
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As of today, I am no longer a Producer at Phonebites, Inc.


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