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Back in the day when the word "Internet" made people go "wha?" and before that, when I had accounts on slow-BAUD BBS' and played around with that for ages, I had online names that had no correlation with my name. I know Usenet was around forever and used by university folks for ages, but for non-educational matters, BBS' got used quite a bit, and a lot of people just stayed anonymous. I don't think people stayed anonymous just so they could flame someone and you could never find them, I think it was done to protect them from shady people taking advantage of their personal information. That's what I did it, at least. I knew some geeks where shady, and I wasn't about to get taken advantage of by some script kiddy tool dicky-head-doo-doo.

Cut to the early/mid nineties, and people were starting to get email addresses, and everyone were always wowed and amazed by people who had them. Most people always though those Compuserve number emails (344389.9898@compuserve.com..remember that?) were fucking dumb. In fact, it was a nice 1up-age when trying to get a job with people; showing signs of web savvy that didn't involve AOL. It didn't matter that your email didn't include your name.

Nowadays, the same corporate america that didn't know what email was gets mad if my Email address is something weird. It seems almost frowned upon sometimes, except in personal Blogs/LJ's/MySpace/Tribe/etc.

I'm rambling here. I guess I just wish I could have 1 email account, with a name that has nothing to do with:

1.) Who I am. 2.) What I do for a living 3.) What I like to do with my dick 4.) What's my favourite colour. 5.) Ignore #4 :)

and not have people who don't know me or organizations wait until they read to see what the content of my email is before deciding whether or not I'm an asshole. :) At least give me a courtesy read before hitting the delete button. You'll know whether or not my plain text email has a virus attached before you click it, because you're taking all the necessary precautions to protect your computer. :)

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